Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tweaking the Schedule

I am not a morning person! It's not in my blood. . .never has been. I admire the early riser... starting off with some cardio or weight training, showered and dressed by 7am. I live with that person. Kudos! You're my role model. I don't have unrealistic aspirations for myself however. That won't be me, but I do have to break the habit of staying up too late, often for no good reason, but mostly to catch up on things I didn't get done throughout the day, and struggling to be dressed and made-up before 8am. It must end! So, I'm reminding myself of the schedule I started out with at the beginning of the school year and tweaking it a bit.

6:00 am- Mommy wakes, showers, dresses, has devotion (and several cups of coffee)
7:00 am- Kids wake, dress, eat, brush (oh, I forgot, Mommy must eat & brush, too!)
8:00 am- Morning chores: *empty dishwasher
*load of laundry
*make beds
*clutter control
9:00 am- School starts: Calendar, Pledge, Prayer
9:15 am- Bible lesson, Memory Verse
9:30 am- Spelling 15 min.
Reading & Writing 25 min
Handwriting 10 min
10:30 am- Snackbreak
11:00 am- Math
11:30 am- Computer
12:30 pm- Lunch
1:30 pm- KONOS (until done, 2-3 hours)

Mondays: Speech Therapy at 1pm
Thursdays: Community Bible Study 9:15am-11:30am
(afternoon reserved for errands and make-up work)

So that's it! The great thing is, we can be flexible. If Joey is struggling with writing, I can give him more time. If Laini isn't "getting" the Math lesson, the bell isn't going to ring for the next activity. There has to be balance: Structure & Flexibility

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