Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Back in Blog-ness!'s been way too long since my last post. Now that we have our new computer set up and camera finally installed, I can blog more efficiently! Hooray! It isn't a factory new computer, but new for us. I'm very pleased AND we saved money. That's always good.

Well, we finished our Japan Unit a few weeks ago and we're moving on to Classifying Plants and Animals as part of our KONOS Orderliness Unit. We took last week off to enjoy some time with Daddy. Dan was off for Spring Break and I decided to make it a Spring Break for our homeschool as well.

So, here's what we've been up to since my last post...

making carp windsocks...our finished product...oragami cranes...Hina Matsuri or "Doll Day"...Geisha Laini...

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tylenol, Tempers, and Too Much Toilet Paper

Kid's are in bed, except the ill child on the couch...FINALLY. Ugh, what a day.

The forecast was very promising. Partly sunny and near 70 degrees. The plan was to attend Community Bible Study this morning and then have a picnic in the park with my friend E. She's been out of town for 3 weeks and I was really looking forward to catching up. We'd also missed 2 weeks in a row of Bible Study for various reasons and I was SOO longing for some Christian fellowship. We'd head home after enjoying pizza on the playground, do our KONOS activities, and then join some family for a surprise b-day party at 6:30p.m., but....

Here's what our day ending up looking like.

*Awakened at 6am by a wide awake 3 year old.

*Try to catch another half hour at least.

*Awakened by doorbell, "what did hubby forget." Head to the kitchen to see.

*Hear, "Oh, sorry. Did I hit the doorbell by mistake?" UGH!!!!

*Check Joey's temp to see if it broke overnight.

*Get reading of 99.5

*Head to the kitchen for tylenol.

*Realize we do not have plain tylenol only Cough & Cold.

*Decide not to dispense unnecessary meds.

*Put on coffee.

*Feed 3 year old.

*Feed 8 year old.

*Feed 6 year old.

*Check temp again...100.5

*Call E. and reluctantly cancel lunch plans.

*Put on a movie and resign to the fact that the plans are out the window!

*Reheat coffee.

*Balance checkbook and crunch some numbers.

*Tell 6 & 3 year old to STOP FIGHTING!

*Waste time on the computer.

*Comfort Laini who gets bit by the cat and vow, yet again, that that cat is outta here!

*Head to mom's work place to get her half of the vacation money.

*Bank, post office, drugstore with sick son:(

*Send a big check to Walt Disney Travel Co.

*Arrive back home.

*Lay sleeping 3 year old on couch.

*Administer tylenol and tell 8 & 6 year old to take a nap!

*Take a power nap with cat on my lap as I'm reminded of my daughter's words, "Jasmine is part of our family. You can't just get rid of someone in your family because they bite you." touche.

*Feed kids.

*Start to feel a major headache comin' on.

*Yell at kids to STOP YELLING!

*Start to organize school stuff and prepare for a new unit.

*Remind daughter that I'm the Mother!

*Give up on organizing.

*Feel guilty that the children have watched a weeks worth of TV in one day.

*Make the mistake of flushing the toilet that 3 year old has filled with 1/2 roll of TP.

*Watch the toilet overflow, grab the plunger, and yell for kids to "BRING TOWELS, NOW!!!"

*Yell at kids for bringing PAPER TOWELS!

*Yell at 8 year old for bringing WASH CLOTHS!


*Spend the next hour cleaning the bathroom.

*Check Joey's temp...100.4

*Start dinner...late.

*Tear up as hubby arrives home and tells me about his day. He has 2 non-verbal severely Autistic students that he so humbly cares for everyday. One of them wet himself as they were on their way to the bathroom. This happens nearly everyday. The boy looked at Dan as if to say "I'm sorry I disappointed you." I listen as Dan tells me how he told the boy, "It's ok, buddy." We hug each other and share a good cry.

*Realize I have NOTHING to complain about.

*Repent, thank God for another chance and look forward to tomorrow.

*About to hit "Post" as Laini emerges from her room complaining of a sore throat.

"Be joyful in ALL THINGS!"