Monday, March 23, 2009

"G-O Let's Go Upward, G-O Let's Go!"

(Laini's the last in the line...far right)

We just got back from the Upward Awards Celebration at church and had a great time. The event marked the end of our Upward Basketball & Cheerleading season. Joey really enjoyed playing and I'm amazed at how far he came from the start of the season in January. He couldn't dribble AT ALL and in the last several games he dribbled all the way down the court and in our most recent game, he made a basket. He was so excited that he ran off the court jumping up and down yelling, "I did it! I made a basket!" The coach had to redirect him back to the game still in progress. Joey is on the Autism Spectrum so we count all achievements as huge blessings. He even told us he wants to play again next year!

I enjoyed coaching Laini's cheerleading squad. It was my first experience with both cheerleading and Upward. The girls were precious. We performed a short dance/pom routine at the celebration and they did really good...for Kindergarten! I teared up at the end when it was time to say goodbye. It was a wonderful experience, but I am glad it's over. I look forward to a slower pace around here as far as activities go.

For more info on Upward go to It's a great program!

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