Thursday, March 12, 2009

"...and I will dwell among them." Exodus 25:8

It's done...pretty much...sorta kinda...ok, ALMOST!

What's left to do:

      1. Attach trim to curtains for Holy Place and Holy of Holies

      2. Hang curtains

      3. Find pitcher for drink offering & bread for Showbread table

      4. Make risers for Brazen Altar

      5. Add goat hair covering to other 3 coverings

      All of which will be completed by me. We had to move on. I stretched it out to the children's limit of staying interested. So, tommorow we will do a fruit of the spirit tree and begin Japan on Monday!

      As you can see, the Tabernacle is not to scale. I made it a bit smaller than the plans called for. I wanted to display it w/out it taking up too much space, b/c that's something that's very limited these days! The pillars should be further apart, the brazen altar & laver are a bit big and the items in the Holy Place & Holy of Holies are also larger than scale. Still, I'm pleased with the result. I had a hard time figuring out the lampstand. First, I made one of clay, but it fell apart...too small to work with, so I found a paper printout of a Tabernacle and printed out their menorah. I glued a stick down the center and added a cardstock base. Then I spray painted it. I also struggled with the cheribum for the Ark of The Covenant. I tried one out of paper, but it just didn't look good. I ended up sculpting them out of clay and spray painting them. On the bottom of both the Ark and the Showbread Table, I used inverted push pins for legs. I really like the way that came out!

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      1. Wow, your tabernacle looks great! My ds6 just looked at it and said "Hey, theirs is better than ours". LOL!