Monday, March 30, 2009

Homeschool Scrapbooking

( This is Joey's scrapbook from last year!)

As the end of the schoolyear quickly approaches I've started thinking about putting together Joey's portfolio. In Ohio we have the option of having our children take an achievement test or having their work (portfolio) reviewed by a certified teacher. We chose the later of the two. I chose the portfolio review for several reasons:

1. Joey is a wiggly, energetic, active, lively little boy (I think the doctors call it ADHD, but I like my definition better) who would have a difficult time sitting through several hours of testing at a time. Now, I know that Joey must learn self-control and overcome his constant need to move, but I also believe God put a little extra wiggle in boys and that this will improve as Joey matures.

2. Testing, while important, is not the only way to measure knowledge. Joey may be behind his peers in several areas, but ahead of them in others. Being on the Autism Spectrum, Joey has social deficits, but his unique brain make him more advanced in memorizing facts (especially dinosaur facts).
OK, that's "a couple" reasons rather than "several," but you get my point. That being said, I have ordered CAT tests (California Achievement Test) for both Joey and Laini from Seton testing. Some moms in my local group use this test because you can administer them yourself. This is not only for me to see how well they will do,but for them as well to have the experience of taking a test like this.

I'll be doing another homeschool scrapbook for this year for both Joey and Laini. I was hoping to put it together gradually doing one page per month, but it looks like I'll be putting it all together over the summer just like last year! Oh well, I guess that's one more goal to aspire to for next year.

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