Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tabernacle Project

After several weeks of sawing, sewing, sanding, painting, sculpting, and assembling, I can report that...we are still NOT DONE with our Tabernacle! First off, I've loved this Unit, as I mentioned before, but it has taken more time than I would've liked. I have to take blame for most of it because I made a few "creative changes" along the way and it cost me. (For example: I wasn't content to just cut fabric and glue it to the dowel rods. I had to sew "mini curtains" with no rough edges.) We are coming down the home stretch and I'm trying to let go of the perfectionism and allow the last few pieces to be "good enough."

We learned so much about our merciful heavenly Father from this unit. As happens more often than not, I end up learning just as much if not more than the kids. The quote, "My real education began when I started homeschooling!," is SO TRUE! I knew little about the Tabernacle before and how it was a prophetic symbol of the Lord's plan to redeem His people through the blood of the last and most perfect sacrifice...Christ the Lamb.

So, hopefully I will have pictures of the completed project by the end of the week.

For now, here are the children dramatizing the free will offering. God told Moses to have the people bring Him an offering "from each man whose heart prompts him to give." Exodus 25:2. From their offering of gold, silver, bronze, fabric of scarlet, blue, and purple, etc., the Tabernacle was made. We went around the house to find and gathered anything shiny along with a few articles of red and purple clothing. The kids really enjoyed this part.

Great resources for this unit:



(I used the articles as our main source of info on each part of the Tabernacle)

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