Sunday, March 8, 2009

Soggy Day

It has been raining steady since late last night...a downpour at times. Our backyard looks like a swamp so even if the temps are warm enough to play outside, it's only fit for ducks.

So, on this gray dreary day I really just want to sleep, but I've been doing my planning for the week for the past several hours. Almost done.

We use KONOS and we are on the Honor Unit right now. This week we will finish our Tabernacle and dicuss the symbolism and meaning of the different elements. We'll spend some time talking about kindness and end the week by making a "fruit of the Spirit" tree. I've really enjoyed making and studying the Tabernacle, but it's been a time consuming and labor intensive project. There weren't very many things the kids could do themselves or even help with. Much of the time they just watched me, but I tried to use that time to talk about what each element meant. Still a great unit, just wish we had more time!

Now we're off to the grocery store and I'm hoping to avoid a midweek run for some specific item I've forgotten! TTFN!

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