Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Our first day (NOT) back to school

Last night we had a mom's meeting for our homeschool group and opened the evening by introducing ourselves and stating how long we've been homeschooling.  I hesitated...5? ...Really?...this is our 5th year?!
I began my homeschool journey assuming that it was what I would do for a year and see how it goes.  I knew that it was the Lord that had laid it on my heart to raise our children this way, but I honestly didn't know how long it would last. 
So, here we are.  My oldest, who was just in Kindergarten when we began homeschooling, is starting 5th, my sassy girl is starting 3rd, and my little man is doing K....sigh....
Today was our first day back....Not back-to-school or even back-to-learning.  That's always going on.  But, it was our first day back on schedule and starting in on our new curriculum.  We had a wonderful first day.  A bit light on the workload to start, but overall productive. 
Happy Homeschooling All!

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