Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cleaning the Classroom

Well, I spent most of the morning doing some more planning, organizing, and cleaning.  Our classroom is just about done, so I thought I'd share my progress.  This room used to be our livingroom, but shortly after deciding to homeschool it turned into our classroom.  We have a familyroom so it's really a blessing to have this space just for us to work in.

The big black desk is mine, but my oldest likes to do most of his work here.  To the left I have all the books we use most frequently, TM's and workbooks.  Next to that, I have manila folders for each week of the homeschool year.  I've gone ahead and put the student sheets from MFWCTG and MFW1st in the corresponding folder.  To the right you can see J-Saurus' orange folders.  We use these like workboxes.  The tall bookcase has all our reference books, word and math games,  and puzzles.  On the wall are two cork boards at either end.  The one on the right is our "Missions" board.  Here we have a photo of our sponsor child, a map of Africa, and photos of missionaries we pray for.

So, at least half of the room is done. I'm waiting for my table to be delivered. It'll go on the other side of the room under the picture window. I can't wait! Right now I have little desks that my 8 and 6 yo have outgrown :( I'm giving them to a friend who has twin 4 yo girls. Just picturing them sitting at those little desks together makes me giggle!

Can't wait to show you the rest!


  1. What a beautiful room! Isn't it a blessing to have the space to home school and feel more organized? Thank you for sharing! Just recently my dear hubby custom build us a desk and shelving in an office nook in my son's bedroom. It is the perfect home school space for us right now and is such a blessing.

    I love your idea about posting the picture of your sponsor child....I am going to do that and tie it in to our mission work...

    God bless,
    Pam Parker

  2. Very cute! Steve and I are homeschooling this year, thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Pam-It is such a blessing! Your husband's carpentry work sounds fantastic.

    Blessings ;)

  4. Barb - Thank you! I wish you all the best as you & Steve begin your homeschooling this year! We would love to see you at some of our EAGLE homeschool group events at ONC!

  5. Hi! I found you through the MFWFamilies yahoo group. This is going to be my first year using MFW and I'm starting with ECC. I spent the last two days reorganizing our schooling spaces as well. Looking forward to seeing more pictures, learning more organization tips, and snooping around your blog!

  6. Hi Jessica! The yahoo group is such a blessing. So nice to be able to connect w/ other MFW families ;) Thanks for visiting my blog!

  7. Aim..just found out about your blog..i love it...and I love the homeschool room so beautifully organized...love and miss you..