Thursday, October 21, 2010

Birthday Girl

When you're a kid the entire year revolves around two events: Christmas and your birthday.  There was plenty of excitement in our house last week as our only girl turned 8.  Her birthday was on a Thursday, so we had the grandparents over for cake and ice cream.  Of course she wanted a "friends party," too.  We don't usually do this sort of thing, but we had her party at an indoor bounce center.  It was really a "2 for 1" as we celebrated our oldest son's birthday, too.  He'll be 10  in just a few days.  Anyway, leave it to MiMi to get THE gift...
MiMi is my mom by the way.  She couldn't wait to give M.J. her American Girl doll.  These two have been inseparable... so cute!
Incidentally, the matching jammies came from K-Mart!  I know! K-Mart, right.  Who'd a thunk?

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