Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Revised Schedule

Now that we are a few weeks into the school-year, I'm getting an idea of how our days will flow.  I came up with a revised 4-day schedule.  On Wednesday morning we have Community Bible Study and AWANA in the evening so, that day will not have schoolwork planned.  We can use any time we have that day for make-up work and for Buster Brown's Exploration Day which is part of the MFW first grade curriculum.  It's a chance to get outside and study God's creation in a fun hands-on way.
(BB is Buster Brown, my 6 yo ds; FLL stands for First Language Lessons)

7a.m. Mommy: wake, dress, coffee, devotion

7:30  Kids: wake, dress, breakfast, teeth & hair, make bed

8:30   *Kids should be seated and ready to work!
        -All: Bible (J-saurus & MJ CBS, AWANA -BB: MFW,  AWANA)
        -J-saurus & MJ: Spelling, Vocabulary, FLL, Writing
        -BB: MFW1st Workbook, FLL, Explode the Code, Quiet Play   
                -All: Reading

10:00  Snack Break
10:15  Math
        -J-saurus & MJ: Singapore Math, Drills, Computer Game
        -BB: MFW Math, Drills, Computer Math Game
               *Alternate between one-on-one Math help & Spanish

Noon   Lunch

12:30   Chores, Clutter Control

1:00    MFW
        -Monday: History
        -Tuesday: Science
        -Friday: Art

2:30   Free-time IF all work is completed and chores are done

5:00   Dinner
8:00   Bedtime Routine

9:00   Lights Out!

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