Thursday, September 8, 2011

Calendar Time

My youngest 2 start each day with calendar time.  At this point MJ can almost teach Buster Brown all the information we cover during this activity.  I stay close to prompt when needed and to answer questions.  I try to get J-saurus going on something while the other 2 do calendar time.

Pictured below is just an inexpensive dry erase board that I turned into a changeable calendar.  I used a sharpie to make the grid, write in the days, etc.  Then we use a dry erase marker to fill in the days.  We used to add each day one at a time, but MJ likes to write out the whole month and cross of the days.  On here we...

Write:   Month (Looks like a spelling lesson is in order!)
             The Date  m/d/year
             Day of the Week
             The Season
             Weather Condition
             The Year

Next we...
Say the Pledge" nation under GOD!.."  :)
Number of the Day (MFW First Grade)
Address & Phone Numbers
Weather Chart

We finish with our Weather Calendar.  I think I found this at Deals, a dollar-type store in our area.  I've laminated the dates and weather symbols that we add each day.  The black sqaures are velcro.  Would've been nice to have white, but the black was free and free is good!


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