Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wildlife Fair

Our local homeschool group hosted a "Wildlife Fair" several weeks ago.  Each child picked an animal to report on using a project board or diorama.  J-saurus put together a power point on the Komodo Dragon ( I didn't get a picture! ), M.J. decorated a 3-panel project board with Cheetah facts,

and Buster Brown constructed an Emperor Penguin diorama ( We also did a lapbook ).

Our group's coordinator invited "Alligator Eric" to show the children some of his animal friends...

J-saurus was in heaven!  He couldn't keep his hands off the alligator, named "Beautiful," and he showed off his knowledge of reptiles answering almost all of Alligator Eric's questions!  Since we are studying biomes and animals from every continent in My Father's World, this event really enhanced our curriculum.  We just finished Africa in ECC and we plan on going to the matinee Friday to see African Cats!


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