Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Planning for the Schoolyear

We are thoroughly enjoying summer here!  My parents blessed us with a swimming pool for the kids and we've spent every hot day cooling off in it.  The backyard has taken the place of the kitchen and family room.  Dinner is cooked on the grill, we dine at the patio table, play beach volleyball, card games - you name it!  ALL outside!  Yes, we're soaking up every bit of summer.

BUT, planning for the 2010-2011 schoolyear is a priority.  After attending the CHEO (Christian Home Educators of Ohio) Convention last week, I feel refreshed, edified, and excited about the school year ahead! I listened to encouraging speakers and shopped the exhibition hall for curriculum.  Materials have been purchased and we're ready to go!  So, here's what the materials for 3 kiddos looks like...

Actually this is just SOME of what I purchased for the school year.  Most of it I bought at the CHEO Conference and I'm sharing with you even though I agree with Rev.Voddie that it doesn't matter much to you what I use because I'm not teaching your kids!  There is so much curriculum out there and you have to choose what works for YOU.  Still...I'm a curious person and like to know what other moms are using, too!

So, for the curious mom's- here's what I'll be using this year:

J-Saurus, age 9:
Math U See (finish Beta, start Gamma)
Switched On Schoolhouse Grade 4 Language Arts
Any Child Can Write
Sequential Spelling

M.J., age 7:
Math U See (finish Alpha, start Beta)
A Beka Letters & Sounds 2
A Beka Handbook for Reading
A Beka Language 2
A Beka Writing With Phonics 2
A Beka Spelling 2

Buster Brown, age 5:
Math U See Primer
A Beka Letters and Sounds K
Handwriting Without Tears

J-Saurus & M.J. will also begin "My Father's World."  This curriculum is multi-level teaching that helps parents instill a Christian Worldview in the next generation.  I'm really excited about starting Exploring Countries and Cultures - the first volume in the 5 year cycle of teaching.  Click on the link to learn more!

To all you Mommies (and Daddies) teaching at home, teaching for Him...have a refreshing summer and a great time planning for the year ahead ;)

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