Friday, February 26, 2010

Valentine's Day

One of my favorite memories from my schooldays is decorating a box for Valentine's Day and stuffing my classmates boxes with cards. My kids may not "Go to school," but they did not miss out on this holiday tradition. Our local homeschool group held a party at our church and they kids were SOOoooo excited. M.J., of course, took her box decorating very seriously. She had her heart set on a castle box. We covered 2 boxes, 4 paper towel tubes, and 1 Ovaltine container with some red & pink paper I've had since God knows when. We finished it of with some princess stickers and glitter letter stickers.

Buster Brown wanted a box that looked like Rocket from Little Einstein's. It was challenging making a rectangular box look like a rocket, but we used our imagination and he was so proud when we finished.

J-Saurus doesn't like to bothered with such things as arts and crafts. He has a one track mind and it's all about dinosaur facts! Well, I don't know what else we could have done to reflect his interest than cover a box w/ dino stickers!

At the party, the kids had a blast! Mrs. M always does everything w/ excellence and she had some great activities for the kids. Make a note for next year...

1. Hershey hug relay: The kids paired up and then formed 2 teams. Each pair linked arms and stepped up to the table. With their free arms they had work together to unwrap a Hershey Kiss and then eat it. The first team to unwrap all their kisses won!

2. Smartie Suck-Up: This was another relay where the players of each team had to transfer Smarties from a white plate to a red plate using a straw. Each player transfered as many as they could in 30 seconds and then the race continued until all the Smartie's were transfered.

3. Love Verses Puzzle: The children formed 2 teams and each received an envelope with 4 heart puzzles to assemble. The puzzles were large foam hearts with a Bible verse about love written on it. On 4 seperate pieces of Foamies where the chapter and verse. After assembling the puzzles (or while assembling them), one player looked up each verse and matched the chapter and verse to the heart with that verse on it.

There was also a Valentine box judging. The categories were: yummiest looking box, largest box, smallest box, box with the most hearts, etc. Every child won. No one was left out. Then the kids voted for their favorite box and my dd was so happy to win the "Kid's Choice Award for Best Box!"

What a wonderful time of fellowship and what a wonderful way to celebrate Valentine's Day as we reminded our children that..."We love because He first loved us." 1 John 4:19

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